October 19, 2011

HiSAM - Hawai‘i State Art Museum

As our time living downtown is limited, we really need to explore the surroundings more than just the neighborhood playground! So today, we set off for the art museum. As you may imagine, Hawai‘i is not known for it's many indoor activities. However, Honolulu has a lot of great places, if you know where to look! (Or have friends who give you great ideas!)

HiSAM is not big. You can see each and every piece on display in a few hours, so it's nice that it is free. Apparently the food at the cafe is outstanding, but that was not the goal for the day. We headed to the kids' area. At first there was a school group, so we checked out the actual exhibits while we waited for the big kids to clear out. The kids enjoyed looking at things, and Luke and I had some pretty thoughtful conversations about the artwork. But we were super excited to be in the part where you can TOUCH stuff!

The space is small, so I was pretty surprised at all the activities that kept the little ones busy for over an hour, and had me dragging them out the door.

Luke is at the perfect age and height to explore the space on his own. Here he is trying out the "texture" boxes, felt board, crazy stacking boxes, and these awesome magnet shapes. They were great for building houses and airplanes!

Rebecca needed a little bit more observation and guidance so things were not destroyed, but she still seemed to have fun. She enjoyed the connecting plastic fish, magnetic shapes, and the color window.

Here are some of the projects we created. Can you tell which are mine? I think I had more fun than the kids!

Somehow Luke always finds a way to make "gum shooters." No really, it's "gum," not gun. With the apparent goal of making you sticky so you can't move. He also likes "honey shooters."

After a long, hard day of taking things apart creativity, RaeRae pretends to nap.

Great to find a place to play on rainy days!


  1. Beautiful! Your children are growing so fast! I'm glad you're having fun and finding neat things to do :) Much Love! <3

  2. Thanks for reading Lynn! Hope all is well for you in Dtown :)