Helpful Hawaiian Words to Say

If you're new to the islands or just on vacation, there are a lot of Hawaiian words that are used frequently. Here are the posts about some of the more common words. This is by no means a dictionary, but some words to help you get around, or at least get the joke!

Aloha - Hello

Hāpai - Pregnant

Honu - Turtle

Kamaʻāina - Local

Keiki - Kids

Lei - Flower necklace

Mahalo (nui loa)  - Thank you (very much)

Menehune - Little people

ʻOhana - Family

Ono - Delicious

Shaka - "Hang loose" sign

Tūtū kāne - Grandpa

I know there are a lot more, so I'll be listing them here as I post new articles. Let me know if there's something you'd like to know!

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