July 12, 2012

Mahalo Nui Loa! - Thank you very much!

You would not believe it, but we moved to O‘ahu one year ago today!

There have been many ups and downs, but mostly we are thankful. Some of these things we owe to just moving in general, but most are to our family, friends and the people and state of Hawai‘i. We are still missing many people, but are thankful for those that keep in contact and that we have those visits to look forward to and appreciate them even more.

Moving has allowed us to slow down the pace of life, partially because of the island attitude, but also by stripping us of all the additional commitments. We are enjoying this time with our family as we readjust to a new place and are able to slowly incorporate activities. Grow a lot as we are forced out of our comfort zone in meeting new people and trying lots of new things.

Mahalo nui loa:

Our family and friends in Michigan - the endless hours you donated to helping us pack, watching our children, cleaning, sharing garage sales and mom-to-mom sales. And for letting us leave, but still keeping in touch.

Mighty Moms Bible study - for answering my constant questions about where to go, what to do, what is that and all the valuable cultural inside information. And for being a solid rock to stand on in a time of much uncertainty.

Our neighbors - answering more silly questions about home improvement, plants and native bug species, bringing over cookies, being quiet and kind and having a playmate for our kids!

The state of Hawai‘i - For having islands with distinct personalities, for your awesome beauty, moderate temps and cool tradewinds. For being "half way" to Japan to visit our friends. For being so diverse so we and our children can make friends with people from a much broader group of cultures. Which also means many new foods to try!

The random people of O‘ahu - friendly drivers letting me cut in, helpful store clerks asking if I need help, social Pizza Hut workers complementing our pizza choice and inquiring about our plans with said pizza.

And mahalo to you for reading! I have really enjoyed this endeavor and will continue to blog about our adventures and will hopefully have many more to share!

Mahalo from Perrydise!


  1. Love & miss you guys! Glad you're adjusting well. Hugs!

  2. karen farnell7/13/2012

    You are a blessing to whomever's lives u touch. Mahalo!

  3. Thanks guys! Come and visit anytime :)

  4. Wonderful attitude and great post. Your blog will be filled with memories that you can revisit over and over.

  5. We miss you! Glad that you are adjusting to life in Hawaii!