About This Blog

As we move from the Midwest to an island in the South Pacific, we thought a great way to keep up with family and friends was a blog. Hopefully it can also serve as a guide for anyone else considering a move to Oahu, or even just a vacation here. Our goal is to honestly share our ups and downs and have you laugh along with us as we learn about life in a new (although still American) culture. These are observations of our life here, so I hope it goes without saying, but we aren't trying to stereotype anyone, and if we do mention something that seems inappropriate, let us know!

Being in a huge tourist destination, it's harder to tell what locals actually do, especially since there is so much information on Hawaii out there. Eating Spam? The "hang-loose" sign? Aloha shirts? Do locals actually do this stuff? Only on holidays? Only for pictures as a joke? Let us know your questions and we'll try to find out!

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