July 6, 2011

July 10 - San Diego to Los Angeles - 121mi

After two long days at the zoo and SeaWorld, we needed to take it easy before heading out.
We were hoping for a local place to stop and have lunch, but the California Whopper with guacamole and bacon was just too tempting!
During the road trip, we just used our carry on suitcases so we could have less luggage to deal with on a daily basis. However, since this was our last stop before the flight, we needed to get all the bags out so we could organize. Loading up "Luggage: Part 1."
Since we needed to stay at a hotel with a free shuttle to the airport, we went down a few stars. And Luke didn't exactly have a bed, although he enjoyed his "cave." Can you find it?
Thankfully, RaeRae had a real crib. And of course, I got a king bed. 
Kyle found a nice place to sleep too!
We played at Manhattan Beach for an afternoon. In the sand,
in the waves,
and with sharks!
We finally made it to the Pacific! Now, on to the other side!

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