July 15, 2011

A Journey of 5,000 Miles Begins with...

A lot of stuff!

You have no idea how much stuff you own until you move. And then you still have too much, even after selling and giving so much away! I'm so thankful for Kyle's awesome packing skills since we were able to take everything that I really wanted, and then so much more. Here is a close up of the cube:

You wouldn't believe that there's 4 bookshelves, a china hutch, a dresser and a crib hidden in there!
We got an extra one "just in case."
All of that + we needed a few things to live off of before we can unload the cube...
4 large suitcases
2 rolling suitcases
2 car seats
4 backpacks
computer bag
diaper bag
snack bag
"super fun" bag (with the DVD player and $1 toys I'd been collecting)
double stroller and umbrella stroller

and lots of diapers. At least those disappeared along the way ;)

Somehow everything fit in our trusty Rendezvous, so we're ready to head out to our first stop: Saugatuck!

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