January 28, 2013

Lā - Sun

Sometimes beach time is more important than nap time.

If you know how much I love naps, then you'd realize how badly we needed to get out in the sun!

It's been super cold and rainy in Hawaii. I mean two straight weeks of grey skies and intermittent rain. After coming from Michigan, with its 319 cloudy days a year, I thought I could handle bad weather. Well, apparently not anymore! I'm not complaining, (friends who are shoveling their way through winter) but part of the trade-off for moving thousands of miles from everything is to get some sun. Plus, after being stuck inside our family was showing signs of cabin fever. Not quite to Shining proportions, but everyone was pretty grumpy.

Last week when we saw the sun, we quickly scrapped our plans and headed to the beach. The moment we arrived, I knew we had made the right decision.
The winds from earlier in the week had died down, so it was a perfect opportunity to try out the new boat!

After paddling around, chasing birds, and running up and down sand dunes, we finished the afternoon off with a family walk. Which wouldn't be complete without the kids acting like dogs. And one child in particular actually fetching a stick with her teeth.

Another benefit of skipping naps? Early bedtime!

Pau for now,