September 20, 2011

Hau‘oli Lā Hānau! - Happy Birthday!

Turning 30 didn't seem like a huge deal, but somehow 31 feels a lot older. I didn't "just" turn 30... I'm in my thirties. Plus, last year was full of wonderful surprises planned by Kyle. Not that I thought this year would be a let-down, but it's kind of hard to beat a surprise limo full of your friends!

This year we had a fancy dinner planned, and that was about it. Or so I thought. Although he worked until 8am, Kyle managed to not only pick up McDonald's breakfast(!), but also a fresh orchid lei on his way home in the morning.

After our 2,000 calorie breakfast of egg mcmuffins and breakfast burritos, I unwrapped some new running gear supporting our beloved Spartans as well as our adopted Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors. Thankfully, they're both green and white schools so I can mix and match!

I headed over to a new friends' house, where she had been tipped off to my birthday (thanks Facebook!) and had made homemade cinnamon rolls to celebrate! It was nice to get some time to chat with some other gals who are new here and let the kids play with some other children their age.

Arriving home, I found another treat! Kyle had picked up lilikoi (passion fruit), snickerdoodle and vanilla bean cupcakes from the fancy cupcake place. Yay! However, I opted to take a nap instead of eating them right away. I must be getting old when a nice, long nap is higher than food on my list of birthday priorities.

Finally we put the kids to bed and headed out for our reservation at Roy's. Such great food! And they wrote  my name on the cake! And with the birthday hat on the table, every since staff person walking by wished me a Happy Birthday!

We finished our evening by walking along the beach. Still seems strange that we aren't here on vacation, but that we actually live in Hawai‘i. It's starting to sink in with every occasion that we celebrate here, but we're still getting used to the idea that this is home.


  1. wow! You guys are in hawaii now! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! I am sure that you will have many great adventures. I am 33.5 now, and it isn't so bad - beats the alternative for sure!

  2. Thanks Mary! I took a peek at your blog and I'm so excited to see how well things are going for you guys. Can't wait to hear about your newest little one!