September 23, 2011

Ānuenue - Rainbow

Although it's official title is the "Aloha State," I'm pretty sure a few people voted for "Rainbow State." They are everywhere! If you Google "Hawaii rainbows" you get some pretty beautiful pictures (and one dude in a speedo) and they happen all the time! Not only does every license plate sport a friendly ānuenue, but the University of Hawai‘i has the Rainbow Warriors as their mascot. Maybe not exactly striking fear into the hearts of their competition. Oh no, rainbows!

I personally like the ānuenue everywhere, since it's kind of calming. Drivers seem more friendly here, generally letting you cut in front with a friendly wave, instead of starting some road-rage battle. Maybe it's the aloha, or just the weather, but how can you get mad at the person in front of you when you see this?

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