July 14, 2011

July 1 - Flushing to Saugatuck - 143mi

After moving all that stuff ourselves, we were excited to rest. But, instead, we started our road trip from Michigan to Hawaii the next day! Thankfully, our kids do well in the car. And the daily surprises to unwrap didn't hurt either :)

Luke is excited about watching his car movie

RaeRae doesn't seem as excited about Lilo and Stitch though

Our first stop was Zing Eat/Drink! A fabulous restaurant in Douglas owned by my cousin. They just opened up and were gearing up for the summer season. Highly recommended! Everything tasted great, but nothing was ordinary!

We loved seeing my cousins and the great food, but the kids' highlight was the frog we found outside.

It was a nice stop, but we still had more driving on our first day. Now off to Indiana!


  1. What a great idea, having them open presents!

  2. Thanks, I read that somewhere :) It did make it more special, in addition to taking up a bit more time ;) We had a lot of wrapping paper and bags to get rid of in the move, but for regular road-trippers, I suggest just reusing one bag. Or even just placing it on their seat the night before, so they can look forward to the car :)