July 10, 2011

July 5 - Albuquerque to Grand Canyon - 400mi

We lingered awhile in Albuquerque, taking time to catch up and eat a leisurely breakfast and a New Mexican lunch before heading out to the Grand Canyon.

How can you drive through Arizona without Arizona iced tea?
Or be on Route 66 without your Route 66 Beer?
Or buy your kids souvenir apple juices (Thomas and Clifford) when you stop for your own drinks?

As dinner approached, we looked up a good pizza place online and placed an order so it would be ready when we arrived. As we got closer to Flagstaff, we remembered Sheri's dad saying in passing... "Arizona is on Pacific Time during the summer" We called and changed our order just in time - otherwise we would've been waiting in a busy restaurant for at least an hour with some cranky kids. Originally, we planned on sleeping in Flagstaff, but decided it would be easier just to drive on through to the Grand Canyon so we would be inside the park to start our day.

Although a little pricey, we got a room right on the Rim. It was worth it being so close to everything and not having to battle any traffic entering the park. Plus, we got to the park so late that we didn't have to pay the $25 entry fee :) And RaeRae got a real crib again (even though she is pictured rolling around on Luke's bed)

Looking forward to seeing the canyon tomorrow!

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