July 7, 2011

July 9 - San Diego Zoo

 We knew it was big, but you could probably spend a week here and not see all the animals!
 Our thoughtful children quietly observing snakes and having a meaningful discussion...
 before doing some interpretive dancing to show their new knowledge of snakes.
 Learning a lot more about animals on the playground?
 Stopped at the petting zoo to pet the goats. Thankfully, the goats were too hot so they weren't acting up, it was nice to pet them while they weren't trying to eat your shoelaces.
 Slow down!
 Here are some animal highlights: meerkats,
adorable sleeping koala!,
 and bear.
 This area somehow turned into a stage and the kids started running around. Luke asked me to sing the "Don't Touch" song. So I made up something like:  "Don't touch the animals, don't touch your sister, don't touch the garbage, etc." Only after my super awesome made up song did Kyle inform me that Luke meant "Can't Touch This". They still did some nice dance moves to my song, so it worked out okay. I even heard a couple say later that day: "Aren't those the cute dancing kids we saw earlier?" Maybe we can be the next YouTube sensation!
 Got to hear the lion roaring for a long time!
RaeRae's lion impersonation
 These statues look way too real to me - watch out kids! 
 Ok, this one is actually real 
 We had a lovely dinner with the sun setting over the elephant habitat
 And a peacock for Luke to chase around
 Animals at night are kind of creepy!
 It was light enough that we could see them pretty well, but not quite capture them on camera
Except this shot of the love birds. Wait, aren't they cousins?
 And we quick hurried out of the zoo after that!

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