July 1, 2011

July 12 - LA to Honolulu - 2551mi

Today is the day! No time for sightseeing, we had a lot to do before our afternoon flight! Kyle had to turn the car in for shipping, so he had to go get it cleaned, and then inspected, and catch a taxi back to the hotel.
Where I spent my morning rearranging our suitcases, trying to fit everything into four 50lb suitcases. Not an easy task! Thankfully, everything we really wanted fit and I was able to load everything up in time for late checkout, then load up the shuttle and head to the airport. We weren't excited that we couldn't get a nap in at the hotel, but it worked out nicely, since we got to the airport 3 hours early!
Getting all of this stuff through security meant we needed all the time we could get!
Then came the waiting. Which meant more made up beds :)
Watching them fuel up our ride!
Halfway there!
Our "infant in arms" does better locked up in her carseat, which means Kyle and I took turns with the big boy on our lap. Although not ideal, I don't mind watching Cars!
The timing worked out so both kids got a little nap in, despite flying in almost perpetual sunset.
Do I get anything for the advertising?
Although it was a long trip, it was a lot of fun! Glad to put all that driving and the strange beds behind us and start the next leg of our adventure!

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