July 13, 2011

July 2 - Rensselaer to St. Louis - 283mi

Technically, we stayed in Francesville with Kyle's grandma, so we actually headed to Rensselaer this morning. Kyle's great-grandpa owned this business and it is still in the family! We stopped by to say hello to his cousin working the store that day, as well as run to the cafe next door for some non-retirement home coffee.
All of our days planned on us stopping for meals and letting the kids run around a bit before getting back in the car. The 100+ heat was not helping today. We couldn't find an indoor McPlayplace, so we ate lunch and brought our DQ ice cream bars to a nice park by a lake. Needless to say, that was a sticky, sweaty mess. And you just have to imagine it without pictures :)

Despite driving some pretty remote Google map suggested gravel roads, we arrived ahead of schedule in St. Louis. Pretty sure this is the most amazing picture ever since I caught this on my phone while we were driving.
Although his wife and kids were out of town, our good friend Hale gave us a nice tour of the city, including the Gateway Arch! Being 4th of July weekend, they were having a festival, so it was a bit busy, but made up for it by getting a bonus air show while we walked around town.
Perhaps we should've let the kids run around more in the sweltering heat if they had enough energy for a wrestling match. It wouldn't be that bad if it weren't in public. In the waiting room for the elevator to the top of the arch. Which is a pretty small, quiet space. At least RaeRae looks like she's having fun!
Ready to ride up to the top!
Luke literally shaking with excitement.
 RaeRae the daredevil is not impressed.
 Crowds listening to music and watching the air show on the lawn below.
The Mississippi was flooded, and you could see how high the water was really well from up top...
RaeRae loved being up high and didn't want to get down from the window...
 while Luke needed a little bit of encouragement to see the heights.
 Everyone gets to pose with Papa...
We had a nice meal out on the town before putting the kids to bed. Thankfully, Hale let us stay, so not only did we enjoy his company, but also his a/c and laundry services! Thanks Wills family!

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