July 12, 2011

July 3 - St. Louis to Oklahoma City - 499mi

Since we had a lot of driving to do today, we made sure to find a McPlayplace along the way.
 The kids busy entertaining themselves...
 Me busy finding a place to stay for the night. This trip would have been so much harder without our smartphones! We had some AAA books and a huge triptik, but the internet makes everything so much easier!
 My turn to drive always meant two things: traffic and bad weather. This time, it was raining so heavily, I had to pull over and watch the hail bounce off the car.
 We heard the weather advisories for this storm after getting through it. Whoops.
 Despite that slow down, we still made it to Tulsa for some good BBQ for dinner!

 To cover more miles, we drove again after dinner - RaeRae's comfy set up:
 Luke playing hide and seek:
Our leg from Tulsa to Oklahoma City was uneventful, but it was a long day, so we just hit the sack!

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