July 7, 2011

July 8 - SeaWorld

Headed out to SeaWorld the first day, stopping to see some otters
 before getting seats to watch the dolphin show.
 Although Luke sat still and watched all the shows quietly, it was RaeRae who seemed to love the animals the most. She was always waving, pointing and clapping.
 Stopped indoors to see the piranhas at the aquarium.
 Some more time in the shade in the penguinarium. Ok, maybe it's not a word...
 Penguins "chillin" outside. Ha!
 Getting ready for the dog and cat show. Not sure why they were at SeaWorld, but it was a hit with the kids.
 It was set up like a big pet clubhouse and they ran around and did different tricks. Plus, at the end, they paraded all the animals around so you could pet them. Did I mention they had a HUGE pig? He was pretty funny in the show and I pretty much ran over people to go pet him at the end.
 And of course, we saw Shamu!
Thanks to Kyle for catching these shots!
 Luke is tall enough for his first real ride! Even if he doesn't appear to be in this picture...
 Staying close to the park worked well, so we would leave for lunch, take a nap and then came back in the evening. It meant we could stay a bit later without completely overtiring the kids. They were able to see an Elmo 3D movie (except Rebecca wouldn't keep her glasses on), take a ride over the bay in a cable car,
visit the Sesame Street playground and ride the Flying Fish,
 swinging pirate ship,
and spinning tea cups.
 And ended the evening with fireworks!
It was a great day and I can't believe how much we were able to do!

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