February 1, 2012

Show me some shaka!

If you overhear "show me your shaka" it's okay. Shaka is what mainlanders sometimes call the "hang loose" sign. It was one of those things we weren't sure if real people used, or if it was just for tourists in aloha shirts posing in front of surfboards. But it is a pretty standard gesture; use it to thank the driver behind you if they let you cut in, after winning something, and of course, in posing for pictures.

Luke has mastered the shaka and loves to wave it at the tourist trolleys or anyone that he comes across while we drive around town. RaeRae is still working on it and sometimes makes more offensive gestures instead, so we're not encouraging her to do it right now.

Shortly after we arrived, I took a picture of this Spam can so I could show you the proper shaka form. It also includes crazy amounts of Hawaiian culture things. I can count six. How many can you find?

1. Shaka. I hope you got the freebie.
2. Spam. It's crazy popular here. Note the Spam and macaroni and cheese in the background.
3. The Hawaiian islands. This is a popular tattoo and decal for your car.
4. Musubi. The rice and meat wrapped in seaweed comes from Japan. The meat can be anything (hotdogs?), but here it looks like Portuguese sausage, which is sort of a Hawaii thing, so you get half a bonus point if you mentioned it.
5. Wave. Must include something about surfing.
6. Hawaiian flag background.

This is not the normal can, but it definitely conveys a lot of Hawaiian pride!

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  1. 4. Why would Portuguese sausage be on a Spam can? It's obviously spam! Whoops!