February 16, 2012

Big Island - Day 2 - Leavin on a Jet Plane

Since our last flight was a culmination of a 10 day road trip with practically all of our earthly possessions, packing for this trip was a breeze! And having the grandparents made it even easier! (Even if we left the car seats in the car and Kyle had to go back and get them)

Can you find Luke hiding?
The kids had most of the gate area to themselves & this ramp was their favorite toy. Who knew elevating the ground would be so much fun?
Banging your head on the glass is also really fun.
The dude row
Could you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to fly like this? The kids really enjoyed the hour long flight.
Thanks to my parents, we had a beautiful time-share at a property on the ocean. With 2 bedrooms, it was great to have space for everyone!
Living in Hawaii, we have beautiful weather, but this is what I picture for my vacation!
Testing the pool out... it was cold!
Monkey see...
...monkey do
Luke lead the way as we toured the grounds of the beautiful resort

Closing out our first day enjoying the juice at the sunset welcome reception before meeting a friend for dinner. A good college friend moved to Hawaii a few years ago and it was great to catch up over way too many appetizers at Kona Brewing Company. 
Tomorrow we head off to Volcanoes National Park!

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