February 21, 2012

Big Island - Day 4 - Fish & Crabs

An avid fisherman, we thought my dad would enjoy a deep-sea fishing trip! We signed up with Humdinger Sportfishing and had a great time!

Somehow I was nominated to catch the first fish, so I got the instructions. However, due to my own nausea and taking care of nauseated children, my dad actually got to catch the fish.

It started off well...

Heat+waves = not so well...

Although we all felt a little queasy, RaeRae was the only one who actually was sick. Thankfully poppa took care of most of the dirty work. You can get an idea of the timeline by how much clothing people are wearing :(

Reeling in the big one!
My dad with the big mahi mahi that was later macadamia-nut crusted for dinner! There are only a few different kinds of fish we could've gotten, (mahi mahi, wahoo and tuna) but they have other names they go by (dolphin, ono and ahi). So I still get confused about what kind of fish I'm ordering at a restaurant, especially since ono also means delicious.
We saw some whales and dolphins too! Pretty sure these are pilot whales. Which means they are actually in the dolphin family, but for our whale-sighting tally... it still counts!

Eating crackers means everyone's feeling a bit better!
Proper binocular use is not a priority in our family...
The Kona coast from afar. You can't see it here, but Mauna Kea is further south. This mountain gets snow in the winter (at the time of writing it had just come out of a winter storm - current conditions) but had not gotten any snow when we were there. So we had to pass on the skiing for this trip.
The kids got to help bring in the lines

Later that evening, tide pool exploring found this crab shell which thankfully had no crab in it.
The kids were super excited to take turns holding it
Before we knew it, Luke was kissing the crab. Yuck.
RaeRae's turn!
Hulk smash!
The water was a lot warmer in this pool for some reason, so the kids and Kyle enjoyed a sunset swim and rinsed off the crab.
Sunset from the south pool
Tomorrow we relax on a beach day!

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