February 13, 2012

Big Island - Day 1 - Penguins

Ok, technically these photos are from O'ahu. My parents came to visit and stayed two nights here and then all of us flew to the Big Island. So here are a few shots from their stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. There was a lot to see and do just there at the resort, so the kids and I came for an afternoon of exploring.

 View of Waikiki beach with Diamond Head in the background

 What? You want to zoom in on Diamond Head ? Got it!

 The kids exploring the ponds at the resort

 RaeRae loved her new purple purse from Grandma!

 Hanging vines with flowers I haven't seen anywhere else on the island.

Flock of pink flamingoes flamingos

 "Penguins in Hawaii?" They must know you'd ask, since it's the caption on the sign explaining about these African penguins who apparently don't mind the temperate weather.

Yay! Penguins!

  Turtles and penguins... I'm sure this is totally natural.

Beachfront dinner at Hula Grill in Waikiki


  1. Does it remind you of the zoo? Looks like you are enjoying your time in Hawaii. We all miss you here!

  2. It was like a little zoo! I like that it's at the resort, but anyone could visit it. Fun + free visitor ideas are my favorite!