January 15, 2012

Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou - Happy New Year!

The number one rule of blogging (that I read somewhere on a blog) is you are never supposed to apologize to your audience for not writing. That calls attention to your absence. Well, I just realized that it has been over two months since we've posted, so it's not really a secret. My apologies for not writing more, since a lot has been going on that we'd like to share!

One of my neighbors told me we were "brave" for moving during the Christmas season. At first I wasn't sure what she meant since the kids will get to celebrate in our new home and we were excited. Then I realized that with the extra social functions, family visits, Christmas shopping and other holiday related tasks, we had a lot going on. Oh yeah, and we had to unload everything from our old home and buy things for our new one.

And fix our lanai. Which, if your grandma didn't use this word like mine, means deck. Somehow, unlike with the other confusing words like "shears" and "davenport," "lanai" actually is something I use daily.

The one major project that we knew about was our rotten lanai. Completely rotted through in some parts, it was just waiting for a rambunctious two or three year old to jump on it and have it fall down. So we are currently without a few hundred square feet of outdoor living space and enjoying the company of a contractor and his crew. Thankfully the kids are sound sleepers, so the accompanying sawing, drilling and staple-gunning aren't keeping us from napping.

Be on the lookout soon for posts about our family visits, trip to Big Island, Christmas and some new Hawaiian words of the day!

Hapenuia, (get it?)
The Perrys
Our family Christmas picture
Or maybe this one instead?