March 31, 2012

Big Island - Day 6 - Waterfalls, Black Sand and Nuts

We set out for the lusher, greener Hilo side of the island. We had a nice view of the mountains on the way.
Our first stop was Akaka Falls State Park to see the waterfalls. It's an easy way to see waterfalls, since all the paths are paved, and it's not too much walking since the kids did it all by themselves.
There are two waterfalls in the park, this is the smaller of the two.
Fun swinging!
Maybe swung too hard!
Giant stump = snack break photo op
Akaka Falls
 After lunch in Hilo, we headed back up the coast. Downstream of Akaka Falls as it heads to the ocean is Kolekole Beach County Park.
We weren't brave enough to try the rope swing.
Practicing skipping stones
Waipio Valley
The road into the valley is so steep you need to have 4x4 on your car to make it. We didn't want to risk the minivan, so Kyle and I walked down by ourselves.
The trail down in the valley doesn't look that steep...

We enjoyed the walk down, trying not to think about the difficult walk back up.
There were a few piles of cars that didn't make it.
Reward for the trip = black sand beach!
We "hurried" back up the hill, so we could make it to the Macadamia Nut Farm before it closed. After lots of samples, we finished up in time to catch the sunset.
A great day trip with lots of different activities!


  1. Beautiful pictures, Tracie! Love the one on the other post too of Luke and his same-shirted friend =)

  2. Thanks! I always have a hard time picking just a few for the blog, so it's nice to know that the ones I pick are okay :)