April 19, 2012

Likeke Falls

We are really fortunate to have so many child-friendly outdoor activities to do on Oahu. This was the first hike where RaeRae made it the whole way without even asking to be carried, and Lucas pretty much led the way without any help. Maybe there were a few muddy spots they needed to be carried over, but they are much more independent and confident in their hiking.

This little gem of a hike is short and still gets to a waterfall. So it is awesome! 
 Although the kids think the sticks help them hike, I can't help but think about eyes getting poked.
 You have to cross a bit of river to get to a dry spot close to the falls
  Raging waterfall!
 Most of the other hikers "warned" us about this dog when we passed. A friendly neighbor dog just likes to come and bite the water. He doesn't really pay attention to the people much.
View from the boulder at the top where we climbed up and had our snack break. 
The tree roots and branches were helpful for climbing, since the rocks were pretty slippery.  
Heading back through the forest  
Looking forward to new challenges as the kids can walk longer and steeper climbs!

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