May 3, 2012


Do you remember the good old days where you could give someone a seven digit phone number? And you could even assume the first three digits based on their hometown? Now, with cell phones and people moving in and out of area codes, now you just automatically give everyone all 10 digits. In Michigan, we had doctors and friends in 3 different counties, so there were an abundance of random area codes to deal with.

Well, not in Hawaii, since it's always 808!

So I'm thankful for one less thing to remember and a little bit of time savings. It's not a lot, but right now, when it seems everyday I add some number to my phone, it makes me feel like I found a shortcut. And it gives me more time for more important things... like telling you about it here :)

Plus, you feel a little bit more connected when you see "808" bumper stickers or tattoos and feel like you're in some exclusive club. Finally, we're in on the secret!

It's not really a secret, but it's so nice not to have to say it every time you give out your number!

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