May 28, 2012

Hau - snow (MI Part 1)

You might be surprised there is a Hawaiian word for snow. But, it does snow on the Big Island on Mauna Kea (White Mountain), so it does happen on the islands. Just not a lot. And the word can mean cool or iced, as well as frost or dew, so it gives the general idea of "colder."

The word hau also refers to a type of tree, so that is the more common usage we hear.

For part of our time in Michigan, we planned to take a trip "up north" with my parents. In March that meant it could be spring-like or winter weather, so we planned for both. And prayed for snow :) It couldn't have worked out any better for us, since the winter storm blew in right as we arrived at the cabin, so we didn't have trouble driving. After dinner it looked like this:

The next morning it was like this!

The kids were super excited to ride snowmobiles with Grandpa and Grandma for the first time. So we layered them up and headed out!

My old helmet fit Luke pretty well...
But it was hard work for RaeRae to keep her head up!
They both loved the snow! It was great for stomping...

writing messages...

and eating!

"Snow like shave ice!"
Old Man Winter

The hau was perfect for playing in for the weekend, but it's nice to know that we won't have to do any shoveling this winter!

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